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HGS Auditing Services
About the Company
Founded in 1998. CVE-Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Headquartered in Anniston, Alabama, with satellite offices in Colorado, Kentucky, Maryland, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Fully staffed by a team of environmental professionals who understand the complexities of the VA and can adapt and respond to any challenges as they arise

Services Provided
HGS Engineering provides a wide range of Engineering and Support services for the federal government, State and local agencies, and private sector clients nationwide.
Services include :
Compliance assistance and assessment
Permit review and application
Plan development
Project Management

HGS’ Auditing Experience Department of Veterans Affairs
HGS has completed comprehensive environmental audits of more than 40 VA Medical Centers (VAMC) and Community Based Outreach Clinics (CBOC) in 5 VISNs.
Audits conducted using U.S. TEAM Guide Checklists.
Final results entered into CP Track for documentation and corrective action as necessary.
HGS has current experience in VISN 4 and is familiar with all sites

HGS’ Auditing Experience Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services
HGS has performed environmental audits at 23 DLA facilities, both in the US and abroad.
Audits conducted using protocol checklists developed from regulatory information, U.S. TEAM Guide, and DLA Policies and Procedures.

HGS’ Auditing Experience Tennessee Army National Guard
HGS has completed site-specific environmental awareness training and comprehensive environmental audits of 27 vehicle and equipment maintenance facilities throughout the State of Tennessee.
Facility audits reviewed all hazardous materials/waste operations applicable to a vehicle and equipment maintenance shop.

HGS’ Auditing Experience Private Industry
HGS has provided compliance support for many private industry clients all over the United States, including Doncasters Group, Ltd.
Nine Doncasters’ manufacturing facilities (forge, medical instruments, alloys, investment casting, and metal stamping) were audited in 2005.

Inspection Agenda
Entrance Briefing
Documents Review
Staff Interview
Site Walk
Issue Clarification
Exit Briefing/Summarized Findings

Expected Outcomes
Draft Audit Report for facility review and comment
Clarification of Issues and Audit Language
Findings entered into applicable software (CP Track, etc)
Development and submission of Final Audit Report to inspected facility and appropriate parent organization
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