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Environmental Services

HGS Engineering, Inc. provides comprehensive environmental engineering support to the federal government, State and local governments, and private industry. The firm is staffed with professionals trained to address air, water, and solid/hazardous waste issues. Our environmental experts have field experience and understand environmental regulations and their application.

HGS Engineering's experience in environmental engineering support is extensive. Services include :
Compliance assistance and assessment.
Permit review and application.
Plan development.
Project Management.

Compliance Assistance and Assessment
In-depth knowledge of environmental law and regulations allows HGS to offer comprehensive auditing support to a wide range of clients. Regulatory compliance is insured through :
MACT Evaluation
Air Emissions Inventory
Lead-based Paint Surveys
Asbestos Surveys
Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I, Phase II, Phase III)
Site Sampling and Assessment
Solid and Hazardous Waste Determinations
RCRA Compliance Assessments
CERCLA Investigation

Permit Review and Application
HGS reviews and prepares permits for its clients including:
Title V Operating Permits
Synthetic Minor Permits
NPDES Permits
SID Permits
Industrial Process Permits
AFO/CAFO Permits

Plan Development
HGS engineers are experienced in the preparation of the following plans
Risk Management Plans
Temporary Enclosure Testing Plans
Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans
Storm Water Best Management Plans
Asbestos Operations and Maintenance Plans
Hazardous Waste Management Plans
Local Wellhead Protection Plans (LWHPP)
Solid Waste Management Plans
Waste Minimization Plans
ISO 14001 Strategies and Programs

HGS Engineering's professional staff is experienced and available to train and certify students in a wide variety of topics and strategies. HGS has certified more than 5,000 students and our instructors have been sought by companies across the country.
40 hr HAZWOPER Course
8 hr HAZWOPER Refresher Course
24 hr HMT Course
NPDES Training
DOT HM Transport Training
Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Training
Bilingual Training (Safety and Environmental Topics)

Project Management
HGS is capable of organizing and implementing project management plans for the environmental demands of industrial companies, municipal institutions, and federal clients. Projects include :
Landfill Gas Monitoring
Sample Collection/Analysis
Site Remediation
RCRA/CERCLA Investigation and Closure

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